Apple's AR Glasses might come to market pretty soon

Apple's AR Glasses might come to market pretty soon

Everyone knows that Apple has been quietly working on their AR glasses for a long time. They are known for releasing their products usually a little bit later than competitors, but in exchange, we get more mature and robust products.

However, we just learned that Apple’s lenses for new AR headset/glasses move to trial production, slightly thicker than normal glasses. It's very exciting news for the whole AR/VR world.

The anonymous source says that the AR headset/glasses lens development is happening at the Chengdu Foxconn factory in the southwestern part of China, which is also where a majority of iPad production is located.

There are not many details revealed yet, but it looks like a huge thing is coming soon. And it might even happen in 2020!

AR/VR world for many people is still not worth considering, they say that VR is coming and going and we still need to wait a long time before it'll get mainstream. We can be sure about one thing, as soon as Apple introduced their AR Glasses, it'll be more than mainstream!