Top 10 AR/VR Companies to Watch  out for in 2020

Top 10 AR/VR Companies to Watch out for in 2020

Everyone wants a piece of the virtual reality and augmented reality market. Why would they not? It is among the fastest-growing technological innovations our digital world is experiencing. Even just within the past five years, demand for VR has exploded. It is an industry with an economic value upwards of $12B and will only continue to rise. If you will be in the market for a job in this field soon (or are already job searching), you should definitely watch out for these top ten AR/VR companies in 2020.

1. Next/Now

This Chicago-based tech organization was founded in 2011, focusing on innovative technology that ignites creativity. Their team offers creative solutions to brands wanting to spice up their physical spaces; they create virtual brand-specific experiences. One of their other focuses is in custom software development, so Next/Now would be great for those seeking artistic creativity combined with coding.

2. iTechArt Group

Startups and entrepreneurial tech companies love iTechArt Group. The company- headquartered in New York and located in Georgia and New Jersey- has been helping the new kids on the block since 2002, filling in their talent gaps and creating both web and mobile software that rivals other top competitors. Over 1,600 engineers make up the team, making it one software development company to be reckoned with as well as a pool for emerging talent.

3. Nomtek

Nomtek is known for their award-winning app developments. The company was created in Poland in 2009 but now has offices in both London and Berlin. Talk about reach. If you are interested in mobile app development, you should definitely watch out for Nomtek in 2020. One fun fact about Nomtek is they use the lean startup methodology. Not only is the company award-winning, but it is also focused on sustainability.

4. VR Vision Inc.

This Toronto, Ontario, company puts their focus on providing mixed reality to enterprise business. They work directly with other organizations, offering everything from VR to augmented reality, 3D dynamic video, web or mobile apps, and more. VR Vision Inc notably worked with an engineering company, designing a bomb-defusing simulation as part of a team-building activity.

5. CitrusBits

Watch out for CitrusBits in 2020! They are a 15-year-old mobile app development company out of sunny California. What makes their team unique is the passion that drives each team member; it shows in their attitude and most definitely in their work. One example of a passion project they completed was a virtual vision board. The collaborator focused on the visual elements, while CitrusBits tackled the technical part. The results were phenomenal.

6. Groove Jones

Another creativity-focused VR organization is Groove Jones- founded in 2015 in Dallas, Texas. Their highly-skilled team kills it with innovating immersive virtual experiences for brands that reel in consumers. Their team constantly creates award-winning XR, AR, VR, and MR experiences. This has made them a leader in the mixed reality industry. 

7. Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Based in Ahmedabad, India, and also located in London and Toronto, this tech company prides itself on IT development. They have produced several top-ranking apps and become industry leaders in game development, blockchain development, and AR/VR development. With over 2,000+ successful projects, it might be worth checking out Yudiz Solutions for potential job opportunities.

8. 4Experience

Founded in 2015 in Poland, 4Experience is a team that fully specializes in AR/VR development. Helping small businesses with mixed reality needs is a top priority for 4Experience. If you land a job with this organization, you would most likely end up collaborating with clients in the real estate, finance, education, and gaming industries.

9. Cortex

Cortex made the list for top ten AR/VR companies to watch out for in 2020 because they love to disrupt the industry, working hard to innovate and bring new ideas to fruition. Headquartered in Quebec City and stationed in New York, their team of industry-disruptors specializes in mobile & web app development, AR/VR, and other custom software projects. Their team is small, but their success is hard to rival.

10. Subvrsive

Subvrsive is a top AR/VR company because of their specialization in 360-degree mixed reality applications that create an immersive moment for the user. The Texas-based team’s expertise has made them an Emmy-nominated XR company- industry leadership at its finest. If you love solving complex tech problems in unique ways while bringing creative ideas to life, check out the careers at Subvrsive.