How to Hire the Best AR/VR Developer

How to Hire the Best AR/VR Developer

Virtual reality (or augmented reality) is the future of gaming entertainment. Outside of gaming, virtual reality is making waves in the world of marketing- as well as making an emergence in the education field. VR is projected to be a $16B industry, and that number is steadily growing. To take your AR/VR department among the best of the best, the first step is knowing how to hire the best AR/VR developer. 

Read below for characteristics & skills that you should look for in your next virtual reality developer job candidates.

Experience with Cloud Service Platforms

The cloud is everywhere. Businesses worldwide rely on cloud service platforms to store massive amounts of data and backup valuable organizational information. Cloud storage is a go-to option because it is scalable, secure, and flexible to use. Your VR/AR developer should have previous experience working with various cloud service platforms, whether that be as simple as Google Drive or something more extensive like AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Knowledge of popular VR SDKs and APIs

One characteristic to look for is knowledge of SDKs and APIs. These help developers fuse key features into your app, making the project go by much smoother and quicker. Oculus is a popular platform for VR, so understanding how Oculus VR SDKs work is a crucial selling point. The same can be said for VR developer candidates who understand Google VR SDKs and Amazon Sumerian.  

Can Provide a Proof of Concept App

Talk is cheap in the world of technology. Hundreds of dollars are put on the line with software development and AR/VR innovations. With any type of development, actions speak louder than words. Your first question should always be if you can see a proof of concept app. What they show you will demonstrate the level of their skills and let you know what they are already capable of doing.

Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle Models

There is a specific way that things operate in the world of software development based on project requirements, delivery deadlines, milestone tasks, and lots of testing. Creating a virtual reality experience is time-consuming with high monetary stakes and risk, so before you hire that developer who submitted a seemingly perfect resume, double-check to make sure they have knowledge of software development life cycle models, including waterfall and agile.

Versed in UI Design

UI design is essential for all levels of your VR development. UI has specific requirements to be compatible with VR, so ask them questions about their UI experience. If you need to hire AN AR/VR developer with skills in UI design, look for potential hires who are versed in web app design, Android app design, iOS app design, and others. 

A Collaborative Attitude

Most software development projects involve working together as a team in a fast-paced work environment. Developers you hire must be willing to collaborate with other members of the team, including testers and engineers. More importantly, they should demonstrate in their attitude and experience that they have the maturity and mindset to do so successfully.

Ability to Communicate Effectively

Communication is king. Without the ability to communicate effectively, work takes longer to complete, and ideas from your teammates get lost in translation. Allow your job candidate to talk about themselves and their experience with communication comfortably. Developers communicate with many people, so hiring someone with the skills to convey their thoughts while listening to others at the same time is crucial.

Passion for Innovation

The technology industry is a breeding ground for modern innovation. Innovation and competition work hand in hand; without competition, innovation would occur at a much slower pace. Your next VR developer should have a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation, taking it upon themselves to research and stay updated on emerging trends in technology to, in turn, give back to your company in the form of knowledge.

Not all software developers are created equal. Everyone has different skills, knowledge, and capabilities that make them experts in unique ways. So, before you hire your next virtual reality (augmented reality) software developer, take the points above into consideration so you can have the best VR development team in the industry.