Perception Systems Architect


Job Description

The XR Tech team at Meta is helping more people around the world come together and connect through world-class AR and VR hardware and software. With global departments dedicated to AR and VR research, computer vision, haptics, social interaction, and more, Reality Labs is committed to driving the state of the art forward through relentless innovation. VR and AR’s potential to change the world is immense—and we’re just getting started.Our XR Tech team explores, develops, and delivers new cutting-edge technologies that serve as the foundation of current and future Oculus products. From mixed reality and human interaction to natural inputs and beyond, XR Tech is focused on taking new technologies from early concept to the product level while iterating, prototyping, and realizing the human value and new experiences they open up.We’re developing the future of augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR/MR/VR). We are currently seeking innovative engineers to develop technology and solve complex problems. As a Systems Architect, you will work with groups that are doing research and development for machine perception technologies, sensors, displays, and compute architectures aimed at pushing beyond the state of the art for all the core aspects of consumer AR, MR and VR systems. This position requires someone who has expertise working with early technology paths; able to work collaboratively to manage system maturation and risk and provide clear and effective communication to remove barriers to execution.

Perception Systems Architect Responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with broad XFN across HW+SW, develop product and system architectures for future products
  • Support technical integration of machine-perception and graphics technologies into products
  • Develop technology platform roadmaps

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Advanced qualifications in Engineering, Physics, Computer Science or equivalent
  • Strong expertise in technology development
  • Experience developing systems with multi-function/multi-disciplinary threads
  • Experience communicating across multiple teams
  • Experience working cross-disciplinary, mentor team members and best practices
  • Experience managing hardware and software development

Preferred Qualifications:

  • PhD in Engineering, Physics, or Computer Science
  • Experience in consumer device space
  • Experience with rapid prototyping
  • Masters degree in Engineering, Physics, Computer Science or equivalent